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Sankarea – 06

Quick Impression: For some reasons, I’m starting to get tired of Sankarea. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of zombies in Sankarea is pretty interesting and somehow unique (for me). BUT thins have gotten so slow, I’m starting to get bored. I don’t really want to give up on some great anime this season so I’m really hoping that the next episode will be a lot better. When I saw the butler guy show up, I’m pretty positive on seeing some excitement on the following episode. For more of my impression, click here.

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Sankarea – 05

Quick Impression: As always, Sankarea sure is taking their sweet time with everything that’s happening. I guess that could be a good thing since that will result to no wasted episode. Anyway, this episode mainly dealt with Furuya’s thoughts about how to preserve Rea’s body from rotting. One interesting thought that I’ve actually caught from this episode was Furuya’s grandfather being the one who made the potion, as he have said. What isn’t entirely surprising here is Rea acting as a “somehow” real zombie as we all have imagined. I just kind of felt weird that she didn’t ate the hell out of Wanko and just gave us some fan service moment :3 AND when Furuya came into Wanko’s rescue, Rea just walked towards Furuya and… kissed him?? OR is she trying to suck his guts out of him? x_x For more of my impression, click here.

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Sankarea – 04

Quick Impression: Personally, I found this episode the most boring yet but pretty much Furuya and his fantasies just made up for that before the episode ends :3 I knew that turning her into a zombie will have some consequences and this episode and the preview just showed it. First, looks like Rea’s going to really die if Furuya won’t do anything about her dying body. And second, the preview shows that Rea’s attacking Wanko. Whatever the reason is, it makes me want to watch it already. It could either be: (1) she has really turned into a man-eating zombie OR (2) she attacked Wanko because Wanko’s close to Furuya and Rea’s jealous :3 For more of my impression, click here.

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Sankarea – 03

Yeah. I forgot to watch this last week. x_x

Quick Impression: Now Studio Deen have just done it. Among the 3 anime I’m watching this season which is done by Studio Deen, Sankarea has got to be the best one. The art. The characters. The story. The comedy. They’re all just great. I have to admit that this episode did turned out a little slow paced but it fits perfectly to their style and it gives more time for the viewers to get absorbed by the anime itself. Now the real zombie anime starts :3 For more of my impression, click here.

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Sankarea – 02

I really liked Sankarea and now I’m blogging it 😀 i just watched episode 2 and I absolutely loved it! – well how it was done not the irritating story of Rea’s relationship with her father.

Quick Impression: I really like how this episode was presented. After the introduction of Furuya last episode, this time Rea takes the spotlight and she told us about her ugly life because of her father’s doings. Now I really understand why everyone’s getting really pissed off with her father. AND Rea’s obviously liking Furuya now :3 Also, next episode’s going to be really interesting. Rea’s finally a zombie. xD For more of my impression, click here. Continue reading

Sankarea – 01

Really delayed post. Been very busy.

Quick Impression: I really, really like this 1st episode. With Furuya’s fetish with zombies and Sanka Rea’s wish to change her life, Sankarea just became a very interesting anime. This actually went over my expectations and with that I’m really hoping that I won’t be disappointed in any way. For more of my impression, click this.

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Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? OF THE DEAD – 01

Another anime that I might consider blogging. This second season somehow started off pretty good and it greatly reminded me of the first season which was pretty good except for the concluding episodes and the final episode which basically became the fan service episode.

Quick Impression: Seeing this anime back is pretty good. I can’t clearly remember if last season had more ecchi-moments but this episode sure didn’t have much of them, it’s good. I’m pretty interested at how the story will proceed with no specific flow of the story given except for the interesting OP which showed a number of (probably) new characters. For more of my impression, click this.

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