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Karneval – 01

Karneval - 01 (1)

Quick Impression: To my expectations, Karneval certainly didn’t let me down with its action pack first episode and the introduction of Nai (Shimono Hiro), Gareki (Kamiya Hiroshi), Tsukumo (Endou Aya) and Hirato (Ono Daisuke). I really like the opening scene of Nai and Karoku (Hoshi Souichirou). Their relationship will probably one of the key points in this series since Nai is in search for Karoku to begin with. Aside from the story, what also captured me in Karneval is its outstanding set of cast and really beautiful art and animation. That flawless fight scene at the train as well as Gareki and Nai’s escape from the mansion were both really great.

All in all, Karneval has really proven itself (to me) worth watching. Being the series I looked forward to the most this season, I’m glad that Karneval didn’t failed my expectations and brought a nicely paced opening episode with those fabulous looking characters in a shounen-like series. Now I really can’t wait for the next episode. Yogi will be introduced :3

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Sakamichi no Apollon – 12

Quick Impression: With how Sakamichi no Apollon had been going in the past couple of episodes, I wouldn’t say that this one came in different because it isn’t entirely different except for the fact that this is the concluding episode. As I always say, Sakamichi no Apollon had been going pretty fast. When the episode started, I think that it opened with a already a year or a few months after Sentarou had gone missing. AND by the second half of the episode, 8yrs had already gone by. I know, it’s pretty sad. In one word, I’m pretty sure everyone has the same thing in mind. This episode is rushed. Really rushed.

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