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~Late post! Really late.

Quick Impression: Honestly speaking, this episode almost bore the hell out of me BUT I gotta admit that I liked Jin’s different expressions in this episode. This episode ended up more like some cool down episode since there’s no action, some relaxing talks, romance and a little drama. The real situation of Jin’s gramps was finally shown and I was really shocked. AND that cliffhanger didn’t really surprised me BUT it does make me think a little. I wonder if that robot (is it a Player?) thing was sent by Haitani Or Jirou, the old EVOL guy? For more of my impression, click here.

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Quick Impression: ZETMAN sure has gotten a lot better in this episode. I liked how things have gotten a better pacing and how the first minutes of this episode was pretty light and gradually gets serious. There’re a lot of things going on but you don’t really get lost on all of them. I was literally laughing when Kouga was complaining about the initial design of his ALPHAS costume :3 For more of my impression, click here.

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Quick Impression: For some reasons, this episode turned out a little faster than I thought OR was the action and suspense that has gotten into me just makes me feel that 20mins seem so fast? Certainly ZETMAN hasn’t done anything that makes me say that this anime will be anything outstanding and I don’t see this getting there BUT for some reasons I’m really getting into this. This episode have given me again something to think about. That Sweeper there! Why did you attack Jin!? Well, I was really happy with the appearance of Hanako. Looks like she’ll be a fun character(: For more of my impression, click here.

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Delayed post is delayed. I’ve been busy with finals week + projects. o(x.x)o More late posts will come very soon – by the weekend perhaps.

Quick Impression: Compared to the first episode which mainly focused on drama, this episode sure was very interesting because it had gotten a little lighter than before. The action has gotten better and I’m getting some quick comedy potential in here. The differences between Jin and Kouga are shown and on the looks of things, they might not be on good terms with each other when it comes to rescuing people. Either way, I personally like both of them. For more of my impression, click here.

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