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Karneval – 03

Quick Thoughts: it’s a bit upsetting how Karneval doesn’t have that IMPACT in each episode but still make me want more. The ‘mystery’ or suspense in the series doesn’t get any better but is still interesting enough to keep me on my seat and finish the entire episode enjoying its beautiful visuals and sexy character voices. With not much development on either Nai and Gareki or even on other characters, Karneval is still a series I’m looking forward to seeing a bit more improvements later on in the season. More of my thoughts here. Continue reading


Karneval – 02

Looks like Karneval will never fail to look as fancy and flashy as the first episode. Similar to how Karneval started, this second episode was able to successfully follow up its flashy shounen style. The introduction of Yogi (Miyano Mamoru) finally gave Karneval a lighter feel to the series after those serious fight scenes. more of my impression hereContinue reading

Karneval – 01

Karneval - 01 (1)

Quick Impression: To my expectations, Karneval certainly didn’t let me down with its action pack first episode and the introduction of Nai (Shimono Hiro), Gareki (Kamiya Hiroshi), Tsukumo (Endou Aya) and Hirato (Ono Daisuke). I really like the opening scene of Nai and Karoku (Hoshi Souichirou). Their relationship will probably one of the key points in this series since Nai is in search for Karoku to begin with. Aside from the story, what also captured me in Karneval is its outstanding set of cast and really beautiful art and animation. That flawless fight scene at the train as well as Gareki and Nai’s escape from the mansion were both really great.

All in all, Karneval has really proven itself (to me) worth watching. Being the series I looked forward to the most this season, I’m glad that Karneval didn’t failed my expectations and brought a nicely paced opening episode with those fabulous looking characters in a shounen-like series. Now I really can’t wait for the next episode. Yogi will be introduced :3

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Delayed post is delayed. I’ve been busy with finals week + projects. o(x.x)o More late posts will come very soon – by the weekend perhaps.

Quick Impression: Compared to the first episode which mainly focused on drama, this episode sure was very interesting because it had gotten a little lighter than before. The action has gotten better and I’m getting some quick comedy potential in here. The differences between Jin and Kouga are shown and on the looks of things, they might not be on good terms with each other when it comes to rescuing people. Either way, I personally like both of them. For more of my impression, click here.

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I still can’t decided which shows I’ll blog this season since there’re lots of interesting shows. I’m taking ZETMAN into huge consideration but this could be pretty much different from those I’ve blog before. I’m fairly new to blogging action-type anime but depending on the 2nd episode, ZETMAN has good chances of being blog(:

Quick Impression: As an opening episode, I believe that this episode is pretty great. It has given a goof overview of what’s going to happen in this series and how exciting this will be. The combination of drama and action in this episode has complemented each other very well. The art and animation came out pretty smooth which adds up to the reason of me watching this. Now I’m looking forward to more exciting things next episode and I’m really hoping to finally hear Miyano Mamoru 😀 For more of my impression, click this.

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