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Hyouka – 05

Quick Impression:  The conclusion for Sekitani Jun’s story is… moving. Now that I know the real story, Oreki’s theory did had something wrong with it, the part where Sekitani-san volunteered (or something like it) to lead the protest despite knowing the big consequence for it. In an overall look, this episode turned out pretty good. Sekitani Jun’s arc has finally come to a close and it ended really well. Explanations made a good enough to be understood easily. Now, I believe that the Classic Literature Club will now be working on the anthologies. Also, I think that Oreki’s sister will still have more roles in this series. I’d like to see her with them one of these days. Finally, there is still the first volume of the anthologies for them to look for. I wonder when will the real mystery be opened. For more of my impression, click here.

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Hyouka – 04

Quick Impression: Without the school-style mystery and Oreki going around the school, Hyouka seems to have presented an episode full of dialogues, explanations and theories. Was it okay? With how Hyouka presents the explanations and questions to each mystery, I have to say it’s okay. I’ve always liked the way they explain things with fancy backgrounds, pictures, texts and such. Also, I like how Oreki connected and made sense to every information everyone has gathered. What Oreki stated did made complete sense but it does seems to be missing something. Maybe I am over thinking things but I just know (and we all know) that there’s more to the mystery here. For more of my impression click here.

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Hyouka – 03

Quick Impession: SO what happened to Hyouka after this episode? I have to admit that the school-style mystery had gotten a bit more interesting. The dialogues have gotten a little lesser interesting which I’m a little sad about but Oreki’s funny minimalistic character makes up for that. AND we didn’t see Satoshi until the last part of the episode BUT he’ freakishly funny costume is good enough to make up for that. Really makes me wonder why he joined the sewing club. HAHA. Anyway, with that big mystery to be solved already out, I’m pretty sure that each episode, we’ll be given clues about it and I’m thinking that the small traditional looking Japanese house they saw at episode one has some connection to this? (OR am I starting to over think things already? HAHA). For more of my impression, click here.

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Hyouka – 02

Quick Impression: This episode turned out a lot livelier and funnier compared to the first one. Also, this episode introduced the 4th member of the Classic Literature Club. Anyway, compared to the mysteries solved in episode one, this one was a lot tougher and I also had a great time watching them as they solve the mystery behind the book being borrowed for one week. The ending of the episode sure was the most interesting one. I’m pretty sure it won’t be a love confession but an even more interesting mystery. I really can’t wait to see it :3 For my first impression, click here.

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Hyouka – 01

Quick Impression: The first episode of Hyouka turned out pretty well. The introduction of the 3 main characters had been smoothly done and I like how this episode had two mysteries and full of dialogues. The art and animation is very beautiful. I have to admit that it’s got to be one of the best arts this season. The mysteries presented aren’t anything big yet but soon enough, I’m sure that the bigger mystery will come and will be really interesting. For my first impression, click here.

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