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Hyouka – 01

Quick Impression: The first episode of Hyouka turned out pretty well. The introduction of the 3 main characters had been smoothly done and I like how this episode had two mysteries and full of dialogues. The art and animation is very beautiful. I have to admit that it’s got to be one of the best arts this season. The mysteries presented aren’t anything big yet but soon enough, I’m sure that the bigger mystery will come and will be really interesting. For my first impression, click here.

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Another – 12

Yeah it took me so long to upload episode12. It’s just that I was never in the mood for it.

Quick Impression: For a final episode P.A. Works sure didn’t put much effort on this. Is it just me or is there other people out there who thinks that this conclusion somehow ruined the great atmosphere that Another has built over the season? This episode had its good points but definitely had its bad points and the negative ones prevailed on me. That just sucks 😛 For more of my impression, click this.

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Another – 06

New anime season starts this coming week. I sure can’t wait for it and I still haven’t reviewed Another‘s episode12 ’cause I’m not feeling like it but I’ll try my best to do it nooooow 🙂

Quick Impression: This is another interesting episode of another and a couple of things sure have greatly caught my attention though it’s a little lighter and a little less with the deaths and such but next episode could just pull the gore up again. For more of my impression, click this.

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Another – 05

It’s been a couple of days since I posted here since I’ve been a little busy with quizzes and stuffs.

Quick Impression: this episode have become an enlightenment for a couple of questions. One big question that it answered is Mei’s existence. It’s good to know that Mei isn’t a ghost or anything and was just really being ignored for the sake of the class because of this so-called curse. Another interesting fact that was given in here is that Kouichi’s mother was actually a part of class-3 26yrs ago but I also think that it has nothing to do with the curse right now. More of my impression here.

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Another – 04

I’m really glad at how much people are actually dropping by here. I wouldn’t say that it’s many but at least there’re people coming even though I haven’t done any proper promotion for this site(:

Quick Impression: Surprises always come in great. In fact, I didn’t expect for this episode to actually see another death. It’s like Another is actually going for one death after another and it’s one of the things I like about this show. Moreover, it has opened more questions particularly on the nature of the curse which no one has opened up to Kouichi yet other than Mei, that is. For more of my impression, click this.

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Another – 03

I was sure glad that a couple of viewers dropped by this gallery. Didn’t expect that since I haven’t really promoted this and don’t have plans yet(:

Quick Impression: First death (is it?) in Another. It was surprising and definitely the ‘gore’ I am looking for in an anime. This episode practically gave more questions and still no answers other than the story that happened 26yrs ago. At this point, the mystery just gets more interesting. For more of my impression, click this.

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Another – 11

Yeah, I’m skipping a couple of episodes but will come back to them later. I just need to post this new episode(:

Quick Impression: This episode sure is a fun filled with gore, action, creepiness and mystery. It barely contain any substance, just more dead people, killing and psychotic students. Yeah, they’ve all gone crazy. But I guess that’s the reason why I liked this episode. For more of my impression, click this. Continue reading