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Kimi to Boku S2 – 11

Quick Impression: This episode was a rather disappointing one. I was really looking forward to some bigshot romance for this last few episode but I guess it’s not going to happen unless the next episode will be something really good and I sense some Kaname goodness for episode12. Now for this episode, I liked the volleyball match between Yuta and Kaname’s class against Yuki, Chizuru and Shun’s class. BUT the main highlight of this episode has got to be Masaki and how she finally opens up to other people such as Matsushita-kun. BUT in an overall look, yeah. I didn’t quite liked it. For more of my impression, click here.

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Kimi to Boku S2 – 04

Quick Impression: I really love the brotherly love between Yuta and Yuki. This episode mainly focused on the relationship between the Asaba brothers and I really love how it was presented. The differences between the personality of Yuta and Yuki can clearly bee seen. Also, this episode practically showed something that we don’t always see in them. Looks like Yuta is someone who gets seriously scared of his parents (and I seriously know how that feels) while Yuki, despite being really stubborn, that childhood incident has actually shown a strong and older-brother-like attitude of Yuki. For more of my impression, click here. Continue reading