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Another – 07

Yeah, I’m still doing Another. I’d like to complete this series. Now uploading episode7 and soon episodes8,9 and 10. Episode11 and 12 were uploaded last time.

Quick Impression: This episode somehow became pretty substantial. Pretty good as a prequel for a beach episode that won’t have much substance in contrast. Kubodera-sensei just snap and he even killed himself in front of the class. Now that’s just being psycho. Anyway, this episode sure did gave quite a number of leads about the mystery that’s going on which is really good. For more of my impression, click this.

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Another – 11

Yeah, I’m skipping a couple of episodes but will come back to them later. I just need to post this new episode(:

Quick Impression: This episode sure is a fun filled with gore, action, creepiness and mystery. It barely contain any substance, just more dead people, killing and psychotic students. Yeah, they’ve all gone crazy. But I guess that’s the reason why I liked this episode. For more of my impression, click this. Continue reading