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Bakuman. 3 – 05

Quick Impression: Honestly speaking I was never a fan of Shiratori Shun (Iguchi Yuuichi). I find his arc pretty boring when I read it back then and I still have the same view now that I’ve watched it. But despite how much I find Shiratori uninteresting, his arc can be viewed in an inspirational way. Not going through the details of the episode, Shiratori’s determination of being a mangaka is very encouraging. I envy him for having the guts and strength to leave his family, his home, just because his mother is against of what he wants to do. What only made me disappointed in this story is how it actually resembles Mashiro’s story but Shiratori had it heavier (that very inconsiderate mother). With how much I can recall from the manga, I believe that Takagi’s time with Shiratori will be another struggle for Ashirogi Mutou. As for the contest, if I remember it correctly, this will be the really fun battle of romance oneshots :3 Now I just remembered Hiramaru’s submission. LOL~ more of my impression here. Continue reading


Bakuman. 3 – 04

Quick Impression: It seems that there were a lot of things that happened in this episode. There was never a dull moment since things kept on happening one thing after another. There were surprising, excising and even worrisome stuff that Ashirogi faced. Who knows how this will be resolved? Although the main issue in here is what will Ashirogi do now that they know that PCP has high chances of not getting an anime. Will they start off a new series? Add to that the problem of Takagi being asked to be the author for Shiratori’s Rabuta and Peace. more of my impression soon. Continue reading

Bakuman. 3 – 03

Quick Impression: this episode is more of a quick show of the rivalry going on between Takagi and Iwase. Also, this episode has clearly shown how Mahsiro has acknowledge Iwase as their rival. Setting the Iwase aside, the best part of this episode is how Takagi came up with the 5-chapter arc of PCP. I like how he gave out all his ideas and how it was actually shown in the anime as he explains what’s going on(: more of my impression soon.  Continue reading

Bakuman. 3 – 02

Quick Impression: this episode goes on as expected and Ashirogi’s problem with rankings isn’t going anywhere yet. Niizuma sure have a lot of tricks under his sleeves and the crossover chapter of CROW and +NATURAL is definitely surprising. Ashirogi’s resolve will definitely come next episode. Other than the additional character for PCP as shown in the preview, I believe that there’s one more thing that Ashirogi will do in here. More of my impression hereContinue reading

Bakuman. 3 – 01

Quick Impression: One thing’s for sure, I’m really glad that Bakuman. is back with its most exciting arc, the PCP-arc. This first episode started out pretty decent with Mashiro and Miho running away from a seiyuu audition on Niizuma and Iwase‘s manga, +NATURAL. Mashiro’s nervousness in interaction with Miho and Niizuma’s fancy character has got to be some of the striking fun parts of this episode. Also, it’s really great t see Iwase try to be the bitch in Miho’s life. HAHA. More of my impression here. Continue reading

Kimi to Boku S2 – 13

Quick Impression: As a final episode, I believe that this works out pretty fine compared to the first season’s. Looking at the future and seeing the changes that occurred to them over time, this episode has definitely done a good job in closing Kimi to Boku this season. I like how Shun-chan became the center of this episode since themes like this works very well for him. Remember episode 5 when Shun-chan was thinking about the future and what’ll happen to their friendship by then? 😀  For more of my impression, click here.

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Kimi to Boku S2 – 12

Quick Impression: This episode turned out to as I was expecting it to be although one last thing was actually left. Anyway, in my personal opinion of this series, Kaname had been a pretty underappreciated main character. He goes around always complaining about how annoying Chizuru and Yuki are. AND for some reasons, those two (particularly Chizuru), has gotten more episodes this season than I was expecting him to get. Not that I didn’t like his episodes, they were definitely fun and pretty romance-oriented BUT I’ve been waiting for this episode ever since the 2nd half. I was pretty moved by the end of this episode – when Kaname finally talked to Shizuna about the wedding and Shizuna telling Kaname being clumsy. When Shizuna suddenly talked about Kaname, that’s the time when I fully understand Kaname. Now I can go back to episode1 of S1 and tell Shun about what’s really good about Kaname(: For more of my impression, click here.

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