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Bakuman. 3 – 03

Quick Impression: this episode is more of a quick show of the rivalry going on between Takagi and Iwase. Also, this episode has clearly shown how Mahsiro has acknowledge Iwase as their rival. Setting the Iwase aside, the best part of this episode is how Takagi came up with the 5-chapter arc of PCP. I like how he gave out all his ideas and how it was actually shown in the anime as he explains what’s going on(: more of my impression soon.  Continue reading


Bakuman. 3 – 02

Quick Impression: this episode goes on as expected and Ashirogi’s problem with rankings isn’t going anywhere yet. Niizuma sure have a lot of tricks under his sleeves and the crossover chapter of CROW and +NATURAL is definitely surprising. Ashirogi’s resolve will definitely come next episode. Other than the additional character for PCP as shown in the preview, I believe that there’s one more thing that Ashirogi will do in here. More of my impression hereContinue reading