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Karneval – 02

Looks like Karneval will never fail to look as fancy and flashy as the first episode. Similar to how Karneval started, this second episode was able to successfully follow up its flashy shounen style. The introduction of Yogi (Miyano Mamoru) finally gave Karneval a lighter feel to the series after those serious fight scenes. more of my impression hereContinue reading



Quick Impression: I like how ZETMAN has been doing a pretty good job in the pacing this time around. Most part of this episode had been devoted to the team up of ZET and ALPHAS and I really like how it turned out. Also, this episode just made me more curious of Haitani’s plans. He did admit that he told the two Players to attack Jin because he wanted to see ZET in his full form. Despite the ring of exposure that Haitani placed inside Jin, ZET still came back to his black and white form. Better yet, his power percentage reached 202% and didn’t go down even he turned back to his human form. For more of my impression, click here.

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