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Kimi to Boku S2 – 06

Quick Impression: I was really surprised to see myself actually liking this episode. Last season, Yuki and cafeteria girl’s episode has got to be the most boring now. This time around, I’ve found it really interesting and now I’m really looking forward on seeing them together again :3 Funny how Yuki is still into collecting those stickers for some worthless plate. I wasn’t surprised to know that Chizuru was the first one to give up on their sticker duty. Anyway, I find this episode really funny and a lot better than the previews one. This had been quite an emotional episode for Yuki and I was glad to see a mature side of Yuki(: For more of my impression, click here.

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Kimi to Boku S2 – 05

Just when ZETMAN came on time Kimi to Boku came in late x_x

Quick Impression: Honestly speaking, I got bored in this episode. We’re presented with the story of another character totally unrelated to the characters but practically made a huge impact to Shun. The thing that struck him the most? The idea that soon enough, they’ll be 3rd years and off they go from high school. It’s not long enough until they reach college. Shun-chan’s sad about the idea but the best thing to do for now is to enjoy the moment. ANYWAY, this episode sure was a bit fun with Kaname and Yuta going off and the three funniest guys stayed :3 A little drama got in here but not really moving but very much easy to relate to. The pressure of taking entrance exam and the no assurance of passing. For more of my impression, click here.

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Kimi to Boku S2 – 04

Quick Impression: I really love the brotherly love between Yuta and Yuki. This episode mainly focused on the relationship between the Asaba brothers and I really love how it was presented. The differences between the personality of Yuta and Yuki can clearly bee seen. Also, this episode practically showed something that we don’t always see in them. Looks like Yuta is someone who gets seriously scared of his parents (and I seriously know how that feels) while Yuki, despite being really stubborn, that childhood incident has actually shown a strong and older-brother-like attitude of Yuki. For more of my impression, click here. Continue reading

Kimi to Boku S2 – 03

Smaller images ’cause I accidentally downloaded a 480 version. x.x

Quick Impression: Not as great as the last episode but pretty good as well. I don’t have much thoughts on this but Akira sure is a fancy character. I like him and he’s lively like Chizuru 😀 More of my impression, click here.

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Kimi to Boku S2 – 02

The stats is increasing! Thanks to everyone dropping by this page! 😀

Quick Impression: I really, really, really like this episode. I was really moved while watching this. I honestly tear up because of how sorry i felt for Chizuru and I also laugh at half the time because of Yuta and Yuki :3 For more of my impression, click here.

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Kimi to Boku S2 – 01

Now Spring2012 has officially started, I’m really excited for all the series that I’m going to watch this season. There’s a lot of interesting shows and the sequel of one of my fave anime has finally come! 😀

Quick Impression: for a comeback episode, this one sure didn’t make much impact but what’s really good about this episode that it still has it’s own simple brand of comedy and at the same time it gives off some pretty good bits about each character 😀 for more of my impression, click this.

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