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Another – 07

Yeah, I’m still doing Another. I’d like to complete this series. Now uploading episode7 and soon episodes8,9 and 10. Episode11 and 12 were uploaded last time.

Quick Impression: This episode somehow became pretty substantial. Pretty good as a prequel for a beach episode that won’t have much substance in contrast. Kubodera-sensei just snap and he even killed himself in front of the class. Now that’s just being psycho. Anyway, this episode sure did gave quite a number of leads about the mystery that’s going on which is really good. For more of my impression, click this.

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Another – 12

Yeah it took me so long to upload episode12. It’s just that I was never in the mood for it.

Quick Impression: For a final episode P.A. Works sure didn’t put much effort on this. Is it just me or is there other people out there who thinks that this conclusion somehow ruined the great atmosphere that Another has built over the season? This episode had its good points but definitely had its bad points and the negative ones prevailed on me. That just sucks 😛 For more of my impression, click this.

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Another – 04

I’m really glad at how much people are actually dropping by here. I wouldn’t say that it’s many but at least there’re people coming even though I haven’t done any proper promotion for this site(:

Quick Impression: Surprises always come in great. In fact, I didn’t expect for this episode to actually see another death. It’s like Another is actually going for one death after another and it’s one of the things I like about this show. Moreover, it has opened more questions particularly on the nature of the curse which no one has opened up to Kouichi yet other than Mei, that is. For more of my impression, click this.

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Another – 03

I was sure glad that a couple of viewers dropped by this gallery. Didn’t expect that since I haven’t really promoted this and don’t have plans yet(:

Quick Impression: First death (is it?) in Another. It was surprising and definitely the ‘gore’ I am looking for in an anime. This episode practically gave more questions and still no answers other than the story that happened 26yrs ago. At this point, the mystery just gets more interesting. For more of my impression, click this.

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Another – 11

Yeah, I’m skipping a couple of episodes but will come back to them later. I just need to post this new episode(:

Quick Impression: This episode sure is a fun filled with gore, action, creepiness and mystery. It barely contain any substance, just more dead people, killing and psychotic students. Yeah, they’ve all gone crazy. But I guess that’s the reason why I liked this episode. For more of my impression, click this. Continue reading

Another – 02

Second post. Nothing’s really happening here but here’s the next set of  Another screenshots. AND yes, I’m going to upload screenshots on all the episodes of Another. This one has a different layout from the first one since I’m still trying things out here 🙂

Quick Impression: it’s a usual trend for anime to have that over-the-top first couple episode and Another isn’t entirely different from them. Up to this point, Another has given an intriguing episode with more questions and no answers. Oh and talk about EPIC cliffhangers. The eye-patch isn’t really that of a big deal after all. For more of my impression, click here. Continue reading

Another – 01

Finally here’s my first post here. I decided to post screenshots from Another which I am also currently covering in my blog. The screenshots are more on character shots(:

Quick Impression: the first episode of Another has got to be my fave opening episode for Winter 2012. With the outstanding eerie atmosphere it gives, there’s no way I’d drop it at the middle of the episode. Add to that the stunning animation and background art made by P.A. Works 😀 More of my first impression here.

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