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Kokoro Connect – 04

Quick Impression: I don’t really know what to feel about this episode. I’m actually torn between liking and disliking it. First off, I like this episode because I love this anime and we’re actually getting more into the story. On the other hand, I’m partially disliked this episode because it made me feel that as if all their personal and supposedly mind breaking problems seems a bit forced. Although in an overall look on this episode, I’d say that it didn’t please me as the previous ones but it’s still pretty good. This anime is definitely a candidate for my top anime this season. AND the preview suggests that we’ll see the scene from the preview. Nagase’s going off a bridge? O.O AND Taichi’s there to save her? I bet she’s going on bout her personality again… For more of my impression, click here. Continue reading


Kokoro Connect – 03

Quick Impression: I like how this anime doesn’t entirely focus on the whole swapping business and I definitely like how it doesn’t seem to waste its time on useless things. In this episode, we see further developments on our main characters. It’s a fun episode and at the same time, I feel that I somehow understand some of them even more. I want to know more of Aoki and Inaba but I’m sure we’ll see that on another episode. Also, I wasn’t the least surprise about Taichi bringing up Nagase’s monologue from last episode when he was talking to Aoki. And I was really glad to know that they haven’t change at all. Well I still believe that they won’t change so much. Probably just worn out but a total change of personality is pretty much impossible. For more of my impression, click here.

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Kokoro Connect – 02

Quick Impression: I’d say that Silver Link has actually done a pretty good job in keeping this anime interesting. I was looking forward for a whole episode of the 3-way switch but I guess that would be wasting an episode so I guess this works better. I like how they aren’t wasting any episodes :3 I’m looking forward to some character development on the following episodes(: AND I really like the comedy here && Inaba and Taichi :3 For more of my impression, click here.

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Kokoro Connect – 01

Quick Impression: Body switching could be one of the most interesting arcs or episode in an anime. I’m pretty sure that most people out there enjoy watching the opposite sex switch bodies although we all know the typical stuffs that happen. Anyway, this series practically takes on the challenge of making body switching its main plot. I really like the idea but I do hope that it won’t be sickening, annoying or boring along the way. BUT looking at it the other way, this plot is pretty intriguing because how all these switching started is a pretty interesting idea :3 Anyway, other than the  intriguing plot, I’d also like to give props for the very enjoyable characters :3 The anime itself is fun to watch because of the characters 😀 For more of my impression, click here.

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