about -blacksheep

About -blacksheep

-blacksheep is the owner of the animanga blog The Blacksheep Project. She’s a typical anime fan who started following currently airing series around 2years ago (Summer 2010). The series that brought her back to watching anime was Angel Beats! which aired at Spring 2010. Browsing the internet, she stumbles upon this anime blog called Random Curiosity which led her to the knowledge of seasonal anime and so on~ Come Fall 2010, she watched this anime called Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai and got hooked in the first episode and started reading its manga. That’s where her manga fandom started.

Recently -blacksheep got hooked into collecting nendoroids with Makise Kurisu as her first nendoroid given to her by her sister for her 20th birthday. Currently she has two nendoroids in pre-orders one being AnoNatsu’s resident alien Ichika Takatsuki which is set for arrival approximately on November and the other nendoroid is the 8ry-old genius Hakase from Nichijou which will be release on late December.

As someone who enjoys writing ever since her elementary days, -blacksheep started writing her thoughts in her laptop through MS OneNote. She writes her thoughts on the anime and manga she watches and reads on a weekly basis. Soon enough, her sister Gelleesh invited her to join the blogging community. -blacksheep was like: I’m not even good at writing. Who’d read my posts anyway?. ~but she started anyway.

-blacksheep also uses the same name on her MyAnimeList and Last.fm accounts. She also goes through the name randomly–random for her deviantArt.

About The Blacksheep Project

The Blacksheep Project started out as -blacksheep’s outlet of her episodic anime and per-manga chapter thoughts. She has gone through her one year of non-sense talk on anime and manga. Although that one year didn’t only consists of her anime and manga thoughts, she has also shared some jmusic news and fan arts as part of her interests. She has also given her complains on one of her favorite childhood series’ spin-off. Also, she tried writing an editorial post based on her favorite manga Bakuman. and it worked out pretty fine ūüėÄ Now with -blacksheep’s newest obsession (collecting nendoroids) finally falling into place, she plans to join the figure reviewers out there by sharing her thoughts on her nendoroids soon. Yes soon ūüėÄ

Contact Info


If you have a MAL account, that will also be convenient, feel free to talk to me there. I’m always OL there (believe me, I log-in there more than facebook. LOL)


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