about the Blacksheep Project Gallery

As the title of this blog says, “the Blacksheep Project Gallery“, as I mentioned on my site update post: Random Thoughts – 100th Post, this blog will mainly contain the screenshots from anime and jmusic PVs that I enjoy capturing. I just randomly thought about this since I think that it’ll be a waste for all the screenshots I have. Now, how will things work around here?

1. because of certain limits that every file hosting sites have, I’ll limit my screenshots to around 50 30 50 screenshots maximum per episode (I decided to bring it back to 50 ’cause I like a lot of screenshots :3). This’ll be tough on my part as well since I usually take around more than 100-200 screenshots every episode.

2. I’ll most likely post screenshots of anime I’m currently blogging on my blog.

3. I’ll probably posts screenshots of finished airing anime series depending on my mood and on the anime itself.

4. I don’t really mind where you use the screenshots. It can be on making avatars, wallpapers, or whatever else you would like to do with it(:

5. I suggest you post comments so that I’ll get a little more motivation on posting more. Even a simple thank you or anime/episode discussion’ll be good 😀

Thanks for dropping by this gallery blog and I hope you enjoy the screenshots I uploaded here. Leave a comment here if you just want to say hi, have a requests, have a question, or you just want to talk(:


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