Tari Tari – 01

Quick Impression: From the many anime out there, Tari Tari simply goes with a typical plot. In a quick overview of where the series will probably go, it’s about the ‘new’ choir club (or whatever it was supposed to be called) that will bring the five main characters together. This first episode generally gives off a background of everybody and has clearly stated where the 13 episodes of the series will go around. There aren’t any particularly interesting scenes in this episode yet but I’m still looking forward for some improvements on the following episodes.

Looking clearly on this episode of Tari Tari, it had made its role very well as an opening episode. It had introduced the characters in a quick but somehow pretty memorable way. At the same time, the main plot of the series has also been clearly stated. The music part of the series hasn’t made much impact but I’m pretty sure that it’ll improve throughout the series(: For more of my impression, click here.


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