Kimi to Boku S2 – 12

Quick Impression: This episode turned out to as I was expecting it to be although one last thing was actually left. Anyway, in my personal opinion of this series, Kaname had been a pretty underappreciated main character. He goes around always complaining about how annoying Chizuru and Yuki are. AND for some reasons, those two (particularly Chizuru), has gotten more episodes this season than I was expecting him to get. Not that I didn’t like his episodes, they were definitely fun and pretty romance-oriented BUT I’ve been waiting for this episode ever since the 2nd half. I was pretty moved by the end of this episode – when Kaname finally talked to Shizuna about the wedding and Shizuna telling Kaname being clumsy. When Shizuna suddenly talked about Kaname, that’s the time when I fully understand Kaname. Now I can go back to episode1 of S1 and tell Shun about what’s really good about Kaname(: For more of my impression, click here.


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