Hyouka – 05

Quick Impression:  The conclusion for Sekitani Jun’s story is… moving. Now that I know the real story, Oreki’s theory did had something wrong with it, the part where Sekitani-san volunteered (or something like it) to lead the protest despite knowing the big consequence for it. In an overall look, this episode turned out pretty good. Sekitani Jun’s arc has finally come to a close and it ended really well. Explanations made a good enough to be understood easily. Now, I believe that the Classic Literature Club will now be working on the anthologies. Also, I think that Oreki’s sister will still have more roles in this series. I’d like to see her with them one of these days. Finally, there is still the first volume of the anthologies for them to look for. I wonder when will the real mystery be opened. For more of my impression, click here.


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