Sankarea – 05

Quick Impression: As always, Sankarea sure is taking their sweet time with everything that’s happening. I guess that could be a good thing since that will result to no wasted episode. Anyway, this episode mainly dealt with Furuya’s thoughts about how to preserve Rea’s body from rotting. One interesting thought that I’ve actually caught from this episode was Furuya’s grandfather being the one who made the potion, as he have said. What isn’t entirely surprising here is Rea acting as a “somehow” real zombie as we all have imagined. I just kind of felt weird that she didn’t ate the hell out of Wanko and just gave us some fan service moment :3 AND when Furuya came into Wanko’s rescue, Rea just walked towards Furuya and… kissed him?? OR is she trying to suck his guts out of him? x_x For more of my impression, click here.


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