Another – 12

Yeah it took me so long to upload episode12. It’s just that I was never in the mood for it.

Quick Impression: For a final episode P.A. Works sure didn’t put much effort on this. Is it just me or is there other people out there who thinks that this conclusion somehow ruined the great atmosphere that Another has built over the season? This episode had its good points but definitely had its bad points and the negative ones prevailed on me. That just sucks 😛 For more of my impression, click this.


2 thoughts on “Another – 12

  1. ruoani

    The anime, no question about that, providing you the elements of horror and gore while still keeping the momentum of suspense and the idea of mystery, did this particularly well with the extra person issue. Though I have read spoilers regarding who it is, its still good to see the reactions of the characters when they find out, but damn, they killed so many girls. . . . . .

    1. -blacksheep Post author

      The suspense and mystery has got to be the best element Another was able to give. I also read spoilers ’cause of being so curious of who the extra person is. The reaction is practically only applicable to Kouichi but it was good to see how he reacted when he finally found out who it is. – and yeah, they did killed a lot of girls (or students in general) on the last 2 episodes. it was epic!


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